A refreshing simplified and clinically led facility design and development approach, resulting in a reliable timeline while containing costs.

About Integral

Integral is a full service real estate and clinically led facility development, design, and construction management firm. Our focus is outpatient ambulatory care and we specialize in innovative ASC, HOPD and Office Based Lab design and development.

Integral deploys an early focus on the time-consuming aspects of development which expedites the delivery of each facility. Development services include, but are not limited to land planning and use, adaptive reuse, site analysis surveys and selection, securing government and regulatory approvals, as well as overseeing design and construction services.

With over 20 years experience and a thorough understanding of healthcare development, facility design, and construction management, INTEGRAL has a turn-key development package with industry-specific partnerships that ultimately expedite the project. These relationships are critical in todays changing and challenging environment and starts with solid client communication, jointly developing a clear, reliable, and realistic plan.

Progressing to facility licensure requires a great focus on a myriad of details and Integral has the experience and focus to provide efficient solutions throughout the development cycle. INTEGRAL has industry-specific experience in developing, designing, and implementing the very processes that meet the established key targets as well as measuring these key targets against the established timeline that ultimately lead to licensure.

With a focus on process efficiencies and cost-conscious designs, and in response to the most recent national design and construction trends, INTEGRAL has the experience and partnership relationships, creating lean-teams, reducing the often overabundant resources that lead to cost overruns and time consuming redundancies.

Integral listens to the clients objectives, creating key indicators that are contoured towards a “best fit” approach. This allows the provider to truly enjoy their customized environment, stimulating superior clinical outcomes. Integral can also provide specialty- specific program development for not only the facility, but advisory services for the associated practice that subsequently drives the success of a facility.

While promoting involvement and interaction, as well as offering options and opportunities to providers, INTEGRAL has defined development processes that manage the details of every project. From inception of the design, through regulatory processes, occupancy, and final licensure, INTEGRAL has the clinically-led experience necessary to navigate these milestones while dramatically reducing the burdensome lift to providers as they manage their patients care.

Providing new levels of physician autonomy, as well as multiple advantages associated with facility ownership, a successful facility development program stimulates a refreshed approach, empowering providers to truly manage their patients care in an innovative and modernized facility.


  • 1. Can physicians invest in real estate used for their own healthcare facility?
    Physicians can benefit from long-term appreciation and tax benefits by investing in real estate even if the real estate is directly related to the facility. Fair market value must be considered when calculating rates and considerations to other non-member clinicians should be considered.
  • 2. Is it better to roll the Tenant Improvement costs into the lease or finance these costs, traditionally?
    Both scenarios are viable options and the decision is predicated on certain conditions held within the lease. It is key to have a clear understanding of all the lease details, as well as a mutual understanding for each sides position while negotiating an all-in lease. It is also critical to have a clear understanding of all time frames associated so rent commencement does not start before the completion of the project.
  • 3. Is the national supply chain shortage still causing lengthy delays in construction and if so, does Integral have a solution that will keep the project timely.
    Yes, there are a few important items that are still displaying extensive lead times. Integral has relationships with many vendors that manufacture these long lead time items and put great emphasis on the proactive planning that helps maintain the schedule.

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